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  • Only for 18 weeks - 9 classes!
  • Every ALTERNATE Wednesday for 30 minutes
    • From October 7, 2020 to February 3, 2020
    • 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Edmonton, CA time
    • 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m., New York, US time
    • 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., London, UK time
  • Topics:
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  • Learn from a professional instructor from your own screens.
  • Information-packed.
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level students and who learn faster when instructed.
  • Course content designed by considering the current events.
  • Q&A time available at the end of every session.

Islamic Sciences Course

The Islamic Sciences Course, has been designed to cater the spiritual, moral, intellectual, educational and contemporary needs of Muslim sisters living in the West.

This course comprises of two main segments:

1)      Hadith

2)      Fiqh (jurisprudence)

The hadith syllabus covers 140 ahadith that discuss  topics  relating to the  Day of judgment, the Sirat (heavenly bridge), Hauz-e-Kausar (pool), intercession, paradise,  hell and beatific vision  and they all  are an essential part of our creed. Hence, studying this syllabus will clarify numerous concerns and answer questions pertaining to these  topics,  which will further strengthen our faith and clarify  our mind.

Whereas the subject of fiqh is concerned, it focuses on the chapter of prayer (salah) as it holds a great importance  in Islam among all the  other forms of worship. prayer in islam  is a means of attaining the spiritual purification and moral development amd it builds a stronger bond between the worshiper and the creator. It is due to this reason, our pious predecessors always regarded prayer as a devotional and very intimate  form of worship. It is therefore very important for us to  understand and learn the rules  of prayer in details  and the jurisprudential aspects of it to improve the quality of our Salah. 

Each Fiqh  session  will discuss  nearly 25 important rulings that deal with some  important aspects of salah (prayer) such as its pre requisites , virtues, conditions, prohibitions, sajdah-tilawat, sajdah-sahu, the prayer of the sick and the  traveller etc.

In conclusion, the objective of this course is to educate the Muslim sisters about the practical teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH to so they could implement them in their day to day life.

This course will commence on the 7 of September and complete on 22 of December.

Hadith class will be on every Monday and Fiqh class on every Thursday. The duration of each session will be of 40 minutes . There will be Q&A at the end of each session.